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Auckland Singles is the largest and most trusted singles event company in Auckland.  There are many groups organising events for the thousands of single people living in Auckland. Our goal is to bring as many people as possible together under the one umbrella.

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Anyone who is single and in their 40s, 50’s or 60s.

It is free to become a member.
Events have various small door charges to cover entertainment or refreshments.

We generally hold at least one event most months and often more than one.

You can certainly bring one or more friends who are single and in our age group.



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What Our Clients say

Hi Alan, lots of people commented on the lovely fresh bowl of cherries that you went out of your way to do and the strawberries and blueberries were amazing. The music was really good thank you very much for a really entertaining and fun. You really khow to put on a good start thank you again from me and the girls


I enjoyed myself and met some great people. Thank you to the DJ, bar staff and lovely young lady who gave out the savouries and sweets. She had a friendly approach. I think its wonderful when people put so much effort into organising these types of events. Times have changed and there are not a lot of places for single people to kick around and enjoying themselves with others who have been single for a long time

- Mary - Auckland Singles Mix and Mingle

An enjoyable event, great venue, huge carpark, lounge and dance floor

- Phillip - Auckland Singles Mix and Mingle -

Was a great turnout and good venue. Relaxed atmosphere. Will go again

- Tang - Auckland Singles Mix and Mingle -

Thanks Alan, fabulous events, great music to dance to & everyone was really friendly & looking forward to the next one already

- Anita - Auckland Singles Mix and Mingle -

The party was very enjoyable. Really good conversation and dancing

- Al - Auckland Singles Party -

A very enjoyable night with friendly and welcoming hosts and all attendees

- Mary - Auckland Singles Party -